“It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!”

The world of Baseball lost one of it’s most treasured voices and truly special human beings last week, long-time Dodgers Sportcaster, Vin Scully.

Vin Scully’s quilt block

The above block is part of a L.A. Dodgers-themed quilted throw I recently completed for my husband’s 70th birthday last June. The pattern is a tee-shirt quilt designed by Angela Walters. In addition to the various Dodgers tee-shirts I collected and made into blocks, I also included several custom machine-embroidered blocks with lists of player rosters, quotes and historical milestones.

Angela Walters’ (AKA “Midnight Quilter”) Tee Shirt Quilt Pattern

What drew me to this particular pattern were the floating (baseball) diamond lines and the various blocks that resemble baseball bases.

For quilting the layers together I decided to underline stitch the lettering and echo stitch around the main images and figures of featured players. The remainder of the quilt employs a free-motion loop meander design with baseballs appearing throughout.

The back of the quilt features a whimsical nod to my husband’s love for Peanuts characters. When I found three Dodgers/Peanut tee-shirts I couldn’t resist including these as well.

It was very rewarding to see the look on my husband’s face when he opened his one-of-kind gift. Suffice to say, the birthday quilt was a hit!

One Reply to ““It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!””

  1. What a special quilt, and beautifully made as usual. Vin Scully’s voice and the relatively gentle sounds of a baseball game remind me of being with my grandparents in the summers.


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