Home Renovation Time

Greetings from the (relatively) chilly Central Coast of California this week. I say chilly with somewhat of a smile of my face after living in Minnesota for twenty two years of my adult life. That’s a cold place in Winter for sure! This said, it was a bit strange to learn that while temperatures were 34 degrees Fahrenheit here just 15 miles away from us a few days ago, temps in Minnesota were hovering in the mid 40s F that same day.

As the title of this blog entry suggests, we’re presently in the midst of a moderately extensive home remodel at the moment including hardwood flooring installation happening on the upper story of our home as I compose this post.

We also don’t have our furnace turned on due to the hardwood sanding action upstairs. It’s currently averaging around 52-57F inside. Thank you Honeywell space heater!

Then I give myself a reality check. These are relatively minor inconveniences when compared with the extreme cold weather, war, earthquake devastation and resulting ongoing heartbreak and hardship currently experienced in such places as Ukraine, Turkey and Syria at present. Contemplating the contrasting situations, it does give one greater perspective. So it’s a little chilly, things are somewhat crowded, we have to put some creative projects on hold and we have to improvise when it comes to preparing meals, we, nonetheless, have much to be grateful for.

My wonderful sewing room currently functions as our sleeping quarters this month, so unfortunately, aside from some hand-mending, not much sewing is going on as of late. I mentioned in a previous blog entry that this particular space has convertible functionalities both as my sewing studio and as a guest room.

In guest room setup.

As I shared before, to make my sewing space less crowed, we invested in a wonderful queen size wall bed (check out https://www.wallbedsbywilding.com/ ) for this room which is amazingly sturdy. Now that my husband and I have the opportunity to try it out for ourselves, we can also attest that it is surprisingly comfortable as well. We’ve always wondered if our respective houseguests were graciously being polite when they reported to have slept well during their stay, now we have first hand knowledge that it’s not bad! In fact, it’s better than many hotels beds we’ve slept on.

When we moved here in 2016, I took extra care to organize all my sewing supplies, machines, fabric, etc., seeing to it that everything had a specific designated place where each belongs during the guest room setup. So far this strategy continues to work well and the conversion process from one function to the other can be effectively achieved in approximately 2-3 hours including vacuuming and cleaning.

Here is a refresher photo of my sewing room in the sewing room configuration:

The “dual mate” Koala sewing cabinet (not sure if it’s made any longer) also has a fold-out drop leaf surface that I use when quilting.

Assuredly, our current home renovation construction mess, living displacement and minor inconveniences are temporary and I look forward to writing another update when my sewing and quilting activities are up and running again.

In the meantime may we all remain safe, warm and well.

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  1. It will feel good when the project is done! Does your sewing table contain two machines and then fold up into that compact console? You can tell me later, but I’m asking here so I don’t forget.


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